MBMA Hole-in-One Pot (Updated 04/03/2024)  

Mark That! RULES FOR 2024    (Download PDF Document)

To get in the game, please email MBMAGOLF@GMAIL.COM and arrange to pay your entry to David.

  • Hole-in-One pot entry is open to all MBMA Members in good standing.
  • Entry into the pot is $10 for the first entry (player + 1 choice) – pick any other MBMA member as the choice. If either the player or the choice makes a Hole-in-One, the player wins (see below.)
  • Additional entries (1 choice) are available for $5 each. There is no limit on the number of entries per player.
  • You are choosing a player(s) that you think will get a Hole-in-One, so you split part of the pot. Your choice does not win anything if you make the Hole-In-One (unless he has also picked you as his choice.)
  • Entry can be made by email or text to the League Manager. After entry, the player is responsible for getting his entry fee submitted ASAP.
  • Entries are valid beginning with the next MBMA event.
  • Players may change their additional choices at any time by notifying the League Manager (to take effect beginning with the next MBMA event.
  • All entered players are listed on the 2024 Google Sheet once we begin the season...Google Sheet, along with the current prize total.



  • Hole-in-One must be made in an official MBMA event (league match, sub-play, tournament...) at Mariana Butte Golf Course.
  • Hole-in-One must be witnessed by at least 1 MBMA member.
  • Hole-in-One must be from the regular teeing area (play from temporary tee boxes is not considered valid, unless expressly noted by the League Manager.)
  • If there are multiple valid Holes-in-One on the same day of the same event, the prize pot will be evenly split between all winners (see below.)
  • If there are any questions, the MBMA Officers will provide a final, binding ruling.



  • Upon confirmation of a valid Hole-in-One, the total prize will be awarded as follows:
  • If the player making the Hole-in-One (winner) is in the pot, he wins 60% of the total.
    Of the remaining balance (either 40% or 100%)
    If any player has picked the winner as their choice, they evenly split the balance.
    If no player has picked the winner as their choice, the balance returns to the winner.
    If the winner is not in the pot, nor chosen by any player, the prize is not awarded to anyone.
  • Once a pot is awarded, the pot is reset, and players must submit new entries.
  • Any unawarded prize pot at the end of each season will be used for either a Youth Golf Donation or for the MBMA Season Ending Tournament/Party (at the discretion of the MBMA Officers.)