MBMA Rules & Documents (Updated 03/01/2024)  


Chicago Scoring is a points-based system that combines a player’s gross scoring together with his course handicap.

To set up a Chicago scorecard, you first must note the players, tees, and handicaps.

In this example, we have:

Tiger   2 HDCP
(1 Chicago Point)  
Blue/White Tees
Phil   5 HDCP
(5 Chicago Points)  
White Tees

MBMA 2022 Chicago Scorecard Sample

During play, only GROSS scores are recorded, ie. actual strokes taken, regardless of player or hole handicaps.

The maximum score for any hole is double-bogey, so to maintain pace-of-play, a player should pick up after missing the double-bogey stroke.

Points for each hole are awarded on the player’s GROSS score:

6 points   Eagle
4 points   Birdie
2 points   Par
1 point   Bogey
0 points   Double-Bogey or worse

MBMA 2022 Chicago Scorecard Sample

The player’s Course Handicap is then added to the hole-by-hole points to determine his final score.

Tiger   21 Total Points    20 scored points + 1 HDCP
Phil   20 Total Points    15 scored points + 5 HDCP