MBMA Spring Rules (Updated 03/01/2024)  


  • USGA Rules govern all play except for full season MBMA Local Rules posted separately.

  • Unless otherwise posted, these additional Spring Rules are in place through May 2, 2024, and override any other local rules.

  • Closely Mown Areas (fairway, collar) – all balls may be moved to the nearest clean lie, no closer to the hole, without penalty (Lift, Clean & Place.)

  • Rough & Unmarked Penalty Areas – any ball resting in Elk or winter damage(including turf damage, hoof prints, animal dung, winter kill…) may be moved to the nearest clean lie (no closer to hole) without penalty. Players should notify their opponents before lifting the ball from the original spot. This free relief should not allow relief from other course obstacles (trees, roots…) but only specific abnormal seasonal conditions.

  • Marked Penalty Areas – no additional relief is given in any marked penalty area.

  • Greens – any ball putting through Elk or winter damage may be moved one putter head distance (no closer to hole) without penalty. If this does not allow complete relief, you must play through any damage.

  • Bunkers – any ball in a bunker may be lifted, the sand smoothed, and placed within one club length (while remaining in the bunker) without penalty. Please rake the bunker after playing out.