MBMA League Team Waitlist (Updated 03/01/2024)  


  • The MBMA keeps an ongoing waitlist for teams/players wanting to join the weekly league. The MBMA is limited to 20 teams on each of our 4 league nights, but we offer multiple other opportunities for individual members to play through each season.
  • The league team waitlist carries over from season to season, so active MBMA players do not need to rejoin each year.
  • If a player on the waitlist does not participate or pay MBMA annual dues, he will drop to the bottom of the waitlist following the season.
  • If a player on the waitlist has a “No-Show” for any league play, he will drop to the bottom of the waitlist following the season.
  • Position on the waitlist is first-come-first-in. New members are automatically placed on the waitlist when joining the MBMA.
  • Players currently on a league team, may join the waitlist for a new team, on the condition that they leave their original team when creating the new team.


  • All teams from the previous season have priority to return to the same spot each year. Teams must confirm their return with the League Manager each spring, typically around February 1st. Confirmation will be done via email, with details also posted on the MBMA website.
  • All returning teams must pay their full team & individual dues to the MBMA before March 25th, or they will lose their position in the league.
  • When an open team spot is confirmed, the League Manager will contact the player who is first on the waitlist. Depending on the timing, this player will have at least 24 hours to confirm the spot or pass.
  • Waitlist spots are not specific to league nights, so the player must decide if he can play on the night with the available spot. If he cannot, then he retains his position on the waitlist, and the League Manager will contact the next player on the waitlist.
  • If spots on multiple nights are open, the first player on the waitlist will have first choice of position, with subsequent players having the choice of the remaining spot(s).
  • If the player taking a team spot is signed up as an individual, without other team members, the League Manager will suggest and introduce other players on the waitlist to help fill the team.
  • Once all open spots are filled, the new teams will need to pay their team & individual dues to the MBMA prior to league play.