MBMA 2022 Sub-Week League (Updated 08/12/2022)  

New for 2022 - the MBMA Sub-Week League is designed to allow Individual, Substitute & Team Waitlist members a chance to play and compete for daily/weekly/yearly prizes.

Our next Sub-Week is TBD. Use the GOOGLE DOC SHEET to get on the list.

Some of the details are still being finalized, and we may need to adapt depending on interest, but you can find the initial plans below. All specifics will be presented at the upcoming Spring Meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MBMA Officers by email.



  • All play is first-come first-in, based upon tee time availability.
  • Individuals/Subs have priority to play, but all active MBMA members can join.
  • Play will be scheduled roughly every other week beginning April 25th and continuing through August. A full schedule will be posted as soon as finalized.
  • MBMA will attempt to reserve 1~2 additional tee times each night during Sub-Weeks following regular league play (5:40, 5:50.)
  • If there is expressed interested, MBMA can also try to reserve 1~2 additional tee times before regular league play (3:40, 3:50 – assuming pace of play is maintained.)
  • Sign-up for each night will open 1 week before play through online registration.
  • Registration will close when all spots are filled or Friday evening, whichever comes first.
  • All unused spots will be returned to the course on the Friday before each Sub-Week. It might be possible to have non-MBMA players in a group.
  • Groups & tee times will be posted on the Saturday before each Sub-Week.
  • Once groups are posted, individual players will be responsible for last minute cancellations.
  • The regular league No-Show policy & penalties will also apply to Sub-Week players.