News - The Ascendant at TPC Colorado (Updated 07/18/2022)  

Korn Ferry Volunteer of the Week

Yes - a little humble brag - I won the Volunteer of the Week award for this year's tournament.

But the support of MBMA members & families, and Loveland golf was a big part of this award.


There were just over 400 volunteers for The Acendant, and about 80 came from MBMA, relatives, and Loveland golf associations. That's about 20% of the whole crew...

There were about 100 players & caddies with Housing/Hosting for the event. Over 40 were hosted by MBMA & Golf Loveland associated families.

Your support of this Korn Ferry event is not unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by the players, the tour & the tournament staff (and me as well.)

The Ascendant @ TPC Colorado
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