MBMA Match Play Club Championship - Blue Flight (Updated 10/09/2023)  


Congratulations to our 2023 Match Play Champion (Blue Flight) - Jon Krizman.

Players shown in RED have not yet paid $30 entry fee.





  • All matches are 18 holes following USGA and MBMA full season local rules. Players can agree prior to play to also include the MBMA spring rules if course conditions warrant.

  • Blue Flight requires that all Semi-Final and Final matches are played at Mariana Butte. However, if both players agree to play an earlier match elsewhere, they can set the details individually.

  • Players’ handicaps are calculated using their GHIN course handicap on the day of play from the Blue tees at Mariana Butte (or the chosen tees at another course.)

  • For match purposes, players wheel off the lower of the two handicaps (ie. if a 10 is playing a 14, the 14 player receives strokes on the 4 lowest handicap holes.)

  • Blue Flight matches should use the regular Mariana Butte course scorecard, and not the MBMA 18-Hole Scorecard. The hole handicaps are different, so please take the correct card prior to play.

  • Following play, please text a photo of the scorecard to David (970-402-6895) and return the card to the MBMA folder.

  • All players should post their score to GHIN on the day of play as a "Competition" score.

  • When posting match play scores to GHIN, from the point the match is complete, you should only post "Par+Strokes" for handicap purposes, regardless of your actual score. This applies to both the match winner and loser. Players with GHIN who are not correctly posting match & other league scores may be penalized with a handicap reduction in subsequent matches.

  • The Blue Flight bracket will be updated on the MBMA website. This will be a double elimination bracket. If the player winning the consolation bracket has only lost to the flight champion, he will be considered tied for second place with the loser of the finals (since both players only have one loss to the overall winner.)

  • Deadlines for all subsequent rounds will be posted following Round 1 completion. It is the responsibility of the players to connect and set a date/time to play as quickly as possible following each match. Players not making an effort to be available will be removed from the bracket.