MBMA League Rules & Reminders (Updated 03/01/2024)  

LEAGUE PLAY REMINDERS    (Download PDF Document)

  • Check-In – all players must check-in with the pro shop prior to play.
    • Please be ready to start ~10 minutes before your scheduled tee time, so we can start on time.
    • If you are a substitute or not on the tee sheet for the day, please tell them which tee time and who you will replace.
  • Pace of Play remains critical. You must always maintain position with the group in front.
    • If you reach a Par 3 tee, and the next tee is already clear – you are OUT OF POSITION.
    • If you reach a Par 4 tee, and the green is already clear – you are OUT OF POSITION.
    • If you reach a Par 5 tee, and the fairway is already clear – you are OUT OF POSITION.
    • Once you realize you are behind (position, not time) it is the responsibility of ALL 4 PLAYERS to speed up to regain proper spacing.
    • Don’t be those guys…
  • Scorecards – are in the MBMA folder on the bulletin board next to the drinking fountain.
    • Please double check that you have the correct card and all HDCPs before play.
    • Please confirm & sign the card with your opponents (and double check points and scores.)
    • When finished, please place your match scorecard back into the MBMA folder – thanks.


  • Rules Questions – in match play, if you encounter a situation where you are not sure of the exact ruling, you and your opponents can agree on a resolution and move forward from there. You do not need to stop and ask the pro shop or anybody else for clarification.
  • Gimmies & Pick Ups – to ensure Pace of Play, please pick-up / concede a hole to your opponent once you are out of play. Reasonable gimmies are encouraged.



  • See separate Spring Rules & Full Season Local Rules pages for full details.
  • Unmarked Penalty Areas – all un-mowed / natural areas within the course are considered penalty areas. You may drop at the boundary of the un-marked penalty area with a 1-stroke penalty.
    • Hole #7: The right side of the cart path between the bridges is the edge of the penalty area.
  • Stroke & Distance Penalties – any shot with a stroke & distance penalty (O.B., lost ball) may be played from the fairway equal distance to where the ball went O.B. with a 2-stroke penalty.
  • Relief from Unnatural Course Conditions – in Match Play, you and your opponents can agree to allow free relief from any unnatural course conditions (animal damage, winter damage…)