MBMA Weather & Reschedule Policies (Updated 03/01/2024)  


  • The simple rule-of-thumb is: if Mariana Butte is open, we need to play matches as originally scheduled.
  • Except for aeration days and full-course tournaments, league matches will play every week as scheduled, including holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day…) Course closure dates will be posted on the website and notification will be sent to all members via email.
  • Failure to play or arrange substitutes will result in individual & team penalties (see the separate No-Show Policy guidelines.)
  • Match substitutes should be MBMA members with an established league handicap prior to play.
  • New substitutes (ie. players who have not played in league match during the current season) are not allowed to play in Week 9 (end of 1st half) or Weeks 18/19 (end of 2nd half.) Teams fielding new substitutes these weeks may be subject to point penalties.
  • Without pre-approval from the League Manager, substitutes are not allowed in playoff matches. Only if absolutely necessary, substitutes should be players who have played for a team previously during the season.
  • When rescheduling a match or fielding substitutes, all teams should do everything possible to ‘protect the field’ and ensure fair competition for all teams, not just those directly involved in the match.



  • If Mariana Butte is closed on league night for any reason (weather, tournament, aeration…) all teams must schedule matches directly with their opponents.
  • The notification of course closure will be posted to the website as early as possible, and an email will be sent to league players when possible.
  • The deadline for reschedule matches will be posted on the website, typically 2~3 weeks from the scheduled date, depending on the week.
  • Matches can be played on any day/time, on either front or back nine, and all matches can be played early if agreed by both teams.
  • If teams cannot coordinate a schedule to play before the deadline, the League Manager can offer an extension based upon the week.
  • If one or both teams is still unable to reschedule a match, the teams can discuss additional options directly with the League Manager. Please do this as early as possible.



  • In the case of extenuating circumstances where a team knows they can’t field players for a match, and both teams agree to reschedule, the teams can request to reschedule with the League Manager.
  • With League Manager approval, teams can notify the pro-shop of a schedule change and cancel one of the regular league tee times.
  • Whenever cancelling a tee time, the players should request that the last league time of the night be cancelled, and all following matches be moved up one tee time (to prevent public from playing between league matches.)
  • Teams should provide notification at least 48 hours before the scheduled tee time.
  • If one team is unable or unwilling to reschedule, it remains the responsibility of both teams to field players or substitutes as scheduled.



  • In the case of forecast or current inclement weather (ie. all-day wind/rain, not just a chance of isolated thunderstorms…) teams can connect with their opponents and discuss rescheduling.
  • If both teams agree to reschedule, they must notify the League Manager and the pro-shop as early as possible. Once you arrive at the course, you should plan on playing, except for extreme circumstances.
  • As above, whenever cancelling a tee time, the last time of the night should be cancelled.
  • If one team is unable or unwilling to reschedule, then the match should be played as scheduled, with both teams responsible for fielding players or substitutes.
  • Any disagreement between teams will be resolved by the League Manager and MBMA Officers, with their decision final & binding.
  • If the weather is possibly temporary (ie. isolated thunderstorms…) teams should play as scheduled, as long as it is safe to be on the course.



  • If inclement weather hits after a match is already on the course, ideally both teams could wait-out the storm and complete play as scheduled.
  • If at any point during a match, a player (reasonably) feels it is not safe to continue, the match should be paused until any danger has passed.
  • If teams cannot finish a match due to weather or darkness, there are 3 options for a resolution.
  • - The match can be rescheduled and started again from scratch. If needed, teams can change players or field substitutes.
    - The remaining holes & points can be split evenly.
    - The remaining holes & points can be split in the same ratio as the completed play.
  • If needed to preserve league competition and protect the field, the League Manager and MBMA Officers may override any point split that is deemed unfair to other teams.
  • Any disagreement between teams will be resolved by the League Manager and MBMA Officers, with their decision final & binding.



  • If any week’s matches are not able to be played, for whatever reason, the League Manager can declare that week as cancelled. All matches for the affected night(s) will be removed from the league scoring. The discretion of the League Manager is final and binding.