MBMA 2024 Players & Handicaps- Score History (Updated 05/20/2024)  


Please check our posted policies on League Tees & Handicap Calculations for more details.

  1. Handicaps are calculated using the best 3 of your last 5 scores.

  2. Each of the best 3 scores is converted into a DIFF value using the USGA formula based on the tees played.
         Differential = (ESC Gross Score - Course Rating) X 113 / Course Slope

  3. The 3 DIFF values are averaged and rounded to the nearest tenth of a point.

  4. This value is a player's Handicap Index as shown on the handicap sheet.

  5. A player's Playing Handicap is calculated each week using the USGA formula based on the tees played.
         HDCP = (Index x (Course Slope / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)) * (Allowance)

  6. The HDCP value is then rounded to the nearest interger.

  7. Handicaps are updated each Sunday to be used for all league matches during the week.


PLAYER SCORE HISTORY    (Updated: 05/19)

If you would like a more complete list of your recent scores (from 2023) with dates, just email MBMAGOLF@GMAIL.COM.