MBMA 2024 Sub-Play Tee Times (Updated 04/07/2024)  


Updated for 2024 - the MBMA Sub-Week League is designed to allow Individual/Substitute members a chance to schedule ahead and play every league night. The tee time will be 5:40. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MBMA Officers by email.

SIGN-UP IS OPEN NOW - Use the GOOGLE SHEET to get on the list for any night through the end of the season.



  • All play is first-come first-in, based upon tee time availability.
  • Players are responsible for their own green fees (twilight rates) and carts if needed. There is no additional entry fee or charge to play.
  • Individuals/Subs have priority to play, but all active MBMA members can join.
  • Sub-Play tee times will be scheduled every regular league night beginning during the 2nd week of league play (April 16th in the 2024 season.)
  • MBMA Sub-Play will be booked at 5:40 each night. If the 5:40 tee time is full, members can book the 5:50 tee time for additional play.
  • Sign-up for each night will be through a Google Sheet with dates available at least one month ahead (also depending on tee time availability.)
  • Registration will close when all spots are filled or the Sunday morning before play, whichever comes first.
  • All unused spots will be returned to the course on the Sunday before play. It might be possible to have non-MBMA players in a group.
  • Once registration is closed, individual players will be responsible for last minute cancellations.
  • The regular league No-Show policy & penalties will also apply to Sub-Play tee times.



  • Players on the Sub-Play list will be on-call for substituting in regular league play.
  • If needed, a League Captain or Player will contact Sub-Play players directly to substitute in the regular league play. And if there is a last minute No-Show, the Sub-Play player may be asked to move forward to play the league match.
  • It is the responsibility of either the League Player or Sub-Play player to notify the course as early as possible.



  • All players should play their regular league tees, and all scores should be recorded.
  • League Match and Chicago scorecards will be available in the MBMA box.
  • Following play, players should return scorecards to the MBMA box for handicap calculations.
  • If desired, players can set up a separate game to play, but all play does include the nightly Closest-to-the-Pin contest. The final group should remember to collect the marker.
  • All regular MBMA league & local rules apply.