MBMA Match Play Club Championship (Updated 09/15/2023)  

Congratulations to our first 2023 Match Play Champions - Marty Schultz (champ fligth) and Jon Krizman (blue flight.)


See below for Tiebreaker Information and click on the flight below for rules, results, and brackets.

CHAMP FLIGHT    Updated 09/15

BLUE FLIGHT    Updated 09/15

LEAGUE FLIGHT    Updated 09/15



All matches are 18 holes, but if the match is all-square after the 18th hole, a tiebreaker must be used to determine the winner. There cannot be a tie. We don’t care what tiebreaking scenario you use, as long as both players agree (however some are preferred/recommended over others.)

  • The USGA recommends a sudden death tiebreaker continuing immediately on the first hole played in the match. This is most likely not possible due to the other tee times at MB. We cannot jump directly to Hole #1 (or Hole #10) without checking with the Pro Shop staff. If you wish to try to play sudden death following the match, you must:

    • Check with the Pro Shop staff to determine the next available spots on the tee sheet (either the front or back nine.)
    • If there is an upcoming opening within a time acceptable to both players, you can reserve those spots.
    • You must pay for 9 holes before starting. We cannot have any players on the course without first paying green/cart fees.
    • After the match is finished, you can return to the Pro Shop for a raincheck on the holes not played.

  • We are reserving 5:40/5:50 tee times for MBMA Sub-Play nights. If a tiebreaker cannot be completed on the same day as the original match, the default option is to play during Sub-Play on a night available for both players. Players can determine if the tiebreaker is 1, 3, 9… holes before "sudden death" prior to starting – the recommendation is to play at least 3 holes when resuming on a different day.

  • Players can reserve another tee time that is agreeable to both players for the tiebreaker. As above, players can determine how many holes are played before "sudden death" begins.

  • If players feel that a tie match is possible, they can choose to play 2 balls on the 18th hole. In this case, the first balls hit by each player are scored against each other, and if the match is tied afterwards, then the second balls for each player can be used as a tiebreaker. If the match remains tied, then another scenario must be picked.

  • Other tiebreakers outside of "sudden death" play are acceptable as long as both players agree. In some cases these should be discussed prior to play.

    • The player who won the last hole is the winner, or the player who wins the first hole is the winner.
    • The player who was ahead at the turn is the winner.
    • The player with the lowest NET score overall is the winner.
    • The player with the most GROSS or NET birdies is the winner.
    • Putt/chip-off, coin toss, rock/paper/scissors… at this point, we don’t care...

  • HANDICAPS – Tiebreaker handicaps (if applicable) are on the same holes as the original match, regardless of which nine or which day the tiebreaker is played. If a player’s GHIN has changed, he still plays to the number of the original match.